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Welcome to Divas in the City

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What is Divas in the City? 

Divas in the City is an upcoming exclusive eight part digital series that follows the lives of five unapologetic Black women with physical disabilities taking their city by storm as they navigate life challenges both professionally and personally. 

The goal of the series to change the public misconceptions of navigating life as Black women with physical disabilities and empower women with and without disabilities to be trendsetters and leaders in their respective cities.   

We believe everyone can be bold, powerful and confident no matter what skin they're in! 

Red and Blue Neon Light

Our Show Quote

Divas never dim their light. We ask others to wear shades if our wattage is too high!”

Where can you watch Divas in the City?

Coming Soon on Youtube and on our social media

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Divas in the City is supported by the following partners and supporters


If you would like to be a partner or sponsor Divas in the City please contact Tameka Citchen-Spruce and Dr. Donna Walton at

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