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Meet the Production Team

Divas With Disability Project in partnership with Women of Color Unite is producing, Divas in the City, an eight part digital series on the lives of five Black women with physical disabilities taking their city by storm. In addition to the digital series, Divas in the City will host thought-provoking and empowering conversations online about how women with and without disabilities can become leaders and take their city by storm.

Divas will also address issues that many women with and without disabilities goes through like mental health, navigating healthcare, challenging the status quo and finding work and life balance especially when trying to find love. 

Our production team are made up of experienced producers, editors, and disability advocates who works in unscripted television and disability advocacy fields.

Get to Know Us


Dr. Donna Walton: Executive Producer

Donna is a writer, actress and film producer. She recently had a guest starring role on Hulu's TV series, The Other Black Girl.


Donna is also the Founder & President of The Divas With Disabilities Project. DWD is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, providing support to Black and Brown women and girls with physical disabilities through identifying opportunities for inclusion and representation in mass media, with the aim of changing the perception of disability.


Divas in the City is inspired by the organization

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Tameka Citchen-Spruce: Executive Producer

Tameka Citchen-Spruce, Independent Film Producer, Screenwriter and Disability Justice Activist. She studied Theatre and Broadcast Television and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Oakland University.


Her short film, Justifiable Homicide, has been nominated and won an award. She produced the My Girl Story documentary, which has been selected for film festivals. 


Tameka's life mission is to advocate for the civil rights of multi-marginalized communities and tell their stories.


Donald Bull: Consulting Producer and Editor

Donald Bull is an executive producer and TV showrunner with over twenty years of experience and a strong knowledge of all the formats in alternative and nonfiction programming.


He was the creator and executive producer of Dr. 90210, which was a hit on E! and Style for seven seasons and eighty-five episodes, airing in twenty-six countries. He also produced the spin-off, Dr. 90210 Extreme.


Cheryl Bedford: Executive Producer

Cheryl is a Production Manager, Line Producer, and Producer, she has worked on over a dozen Independent Features and most notable Dark Girls documentary that appeared on OWN.


Cheryl is also the founder of Women of Color Unite, a 501 (C)3 free film membership organization that supports over 6000 women of color who work in media.

Vanessa Naive: Production Manager

Vanessa is a Line Producer/Producer with an emphasis in digital and documentary/reality style programming, experience in the fitness/wellness industry, and in Diversity/Equity/Inclusion in entertainment.


She has worked for AwesomenessTV and Vox. She is also the VP of Unscripted for the slate of Women of Color Unite.

GREGORY ZIDE: Accounting

Gregory is Director of Operations, a Board Member and Treasurer for Women of Color Unite.


He has a background in finance for digital content. Gregory worked at AwesomenessTV under Drew Wilson,

the current COO and CFO of Soundcloud and

Board Member at Women of Color Unite

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